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Ionic mobile app builder - Creator by Ionic

What is a mobile app builder?

An app builder is an online mobile development tool that lets the user bypass the generic mobile app development process and gets the mobile app developed in a short period of time. The interesting part is that it cuts down the time duration of the app development to a whole new level. Normally, a mobile app development process takes weeks. From ideation to wireframing, interface designing to user-experience analysis, testing to finalizing, it involves a hefty process behind a simple mobile app.

Creator by Ionic

Creator is a simple drag-&-drop tool for going from idea to App Store, with just the drag of a mouse.

How to Get Started with Ionic Creator

It’s really easy to start using the Ionic Creator, the first step is to create an account here and then log in.


The best thing about using Creator by Ionic is that it is FREE and they have a nice structured documentation


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